‘Beyond the State-Owner Binary: Repositioning the State’s Property-Resource Responsibilities with Respect to All Community Members (Including Property Owners)’

Laura S Underkuffler, Property, Sovereignty, and the Public Trust, 18 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 329 (2017). Laura Underkuffler’s recent article, Property, Sovereignty, and the Public Trust, is part of a special issue of Theoretical Inquiries in Law. The collection as a whole is an important read for anyone interested in the relationships between individual property rights claims and the role and remit of the state in the ‘private property’ sphere. The twelve articles collected in the special issue offer insightful and wide-ranging contributions to these important debates and, both individually and collectively, will hold much interest for Property section readers …” (more)

[Lorna Fox O’Mahony, JOTWELL, 9 March]

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