‘A Portrait of Uninsured Lawyers: Using Empirical Data to Enhance Public Protection’

Leslie C Levin, Lawyers Going Bare and Clients Going Blind, 68 Florida Law Review 1281 (2016). Many professors reading this review teach professional responsibility courses. These courses cover the law of lawyering, commonly focusing on the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct. As revealed in a small survey that I conducted in 2011, many professors do not devote much attention to studying legal malpractice law. The survey revealed that an even smaller percentage cover legal malpractice insurance. As a result, the majority of law students likely graduate without the basic understanding of legal malpractice insurance and without considering the crucial role that insurance plays in a professional’s practice. Professors’ failure to discuss the role insurance plays in helping lawyers function as accountable professionals may contribute to the large number of lawyers who fail to carry legal malpractice insurance … (more)

[Susan Fortney, JOTWELL, 30 March]

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