Ullah and Ahmed, ‘To What Extent is the Free Market Compatible with the “Strong State”?’

Contradictory views persist among neoliberals, social democrats and social liberals regarding relationships between free market and the nation State. In one hand, neoliberals suggest that the development of the free market puts constraints on the role of the state. Yet empirical evidence to support this view is lacking and range of commentators show not only resilience but even the expansion of state spending. Moreover, the article highlights that the State has welcomed globalization for the betterment of the society and subsequently it is restructuring itself to accommodate the changes to be effective on a desired way.

Ullah, G M Wali and Ahmed, Samiul Parvez, To What Extent is the Free Market Compatible with the ‘Strong State’? (May 1, 2014). International Affairs and Global Strategy, Vol 20, 2014.

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