‘Traditions, Myths, and Utopias of Personhood’: special number of the German Law Journal

Traditions, Myths, and Utopias of Personhood: An Introduction (Toni Selkälä and Mikko Rajavuori)

Animals, Slaves, and Corporations: Analyzing Legal Thinghood (Visa Kurki)

Unborn and Future Children as New Legal Subjects: An Evaluation of Two Subject-Oriented Approaches — The Subject of Rights and the Subject of Interests (Lisette ten Haaf)

Approaches for Dealing with the ‘Natural Person’ in the Chinese Legal System: A Statutory Way and a Principled Way (Tuo Yu)

A Posthuman Data Subject? The Right to Be Forgotten and Beyond (Jannice Käll)

Persons and Things in International Law and ‘Law of Humanity’ (Ukri Soirila)

Making International Legal Persons in Investment Treaty Arbitration: State-owned Enterprises along the Person/Thing Distinction (Mikko Rajavuori)

In the Force Field of the Law: On Affect and Connectivity in the Casework of Forensic Architecture (Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo)

Law as Magic. Some Thoughts on Ghosts, Non-Humans, and Shamans (Alexis Alvarez-Nakagawa)

A Cyborg Turn in Law? (Mika Viljanen)
18 German Law Journal No 5 (2017)

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