Theoretical Inquiries in Law – Special number on the Public/Private distinction

The Public/Private Distinction Now: The Challenges of Privatization and of the Regulatory State
Shamir, Hila

State Legalism and the Public/Private Divide in Chinese Legal Development
Yu, Xingzhong

“Private” Means to “Public” Ends: Governments as Market Actors
Hockett, Robert C. / Omarova, Saule T.

Rethinking Settlement
Bilsky, Leora / Fisher, Talia

The Multinational Corporation as “the Good Despot”: The Democratic Costs of Privatization in Global Settings
Lustig, Doreen / Benvenisti, Eyal

Workplace – Democracy: Reclaiming the Effort to Foster Public and Private Isomorphism
Mundlak, Guy

The Persistence of the Public/Private Divide in Environmental Regulation
Blank, Yishai / Rosen-Zvi, Issi

Fundamentally Flawed: The CJEU’s Jurisprudence on Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
Lasser, Mitchel

Theoretical Inquiries in Law Volume 15, Issue 1 (Jan 2014)

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