‘The Plural Tort Structure of Copyright Law’

Patrick Goold, Unbundling the ‘Tort’ of Copyright Infringement, 102 Virginia Law Review (forthcoming 2016), available at SSRN. What kind of legal wrong is copyright infringement? Scholars tend to unreflectively regard copyright infringement as a tort. In his elegant and insightful recent article, Unbundling the ‘Tort’ of Copyright Infringement, Patrick Goold complicates this received wisdom by applying rigorous conceptual analysis to a body of law – copyright – that is rarely analyzed in those terms. In so doing, Goold invites us to see copyright law in a new and more nuanced light, and also seeks to show that courts’ purportedly scattered approach to infringement may not be so incoherent after all … (more)

[David Fagundes, JOTWELL, 4 August]

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