Symposium: ‘The New Doctrinalism’, 24-25 October, Penn Law, Philadelphia

This year’s symposium will bring together distinguished scholars from around the world to examine the interaction between legal doctrine and American Legal Realism. To what extent have moral philosophy, industry practice, economics, and other societal influences affected legal doctrine? The New Doctrinalism will feature a keynote presentation on Friday afternoon and presentations on twelve different areas of law, including torts, copyright, property, family law, administrative law, corporate law, criminal law, constitutional law. Includes: Hanoch Dagan, ‘Doctrinal Categories, Legal Realism and the Rule of Law’; Shyamkrishna Balganesh and Gideon Parchomovsky, ‘The Persistence of System in Property Law’; Tess Wilkinson-Ryan, ‘The Intuitive Formalism of Contract’; and Benjamin Zipursky, ‘Reasonableness in and out of Negligence Law’ (more).

[University of Pennsylvania Law Review, September]

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