Symposium: ‘Lawyering For Groups: Civil Rights, Mass Torts, And Everything In Between’

Fordham Law Review, May 2013, Vol 81, No. 6

‘Foreword’ by Howard M. Erichson & Benjamin C. Zipursky

‘Adequately Representing Groups’ by Elizabeth Chamblee Burch

‘Lawyering for Groups: The Case of American Indian Tribal Attorneys’ by Kristen A. Carpenter & Eli Wald

‘The Governance Problem in Aggregate Litigation’ by Samuel Issacharoff

‘The Political Justification for Group Litigation’ by Alexandra D. Lahav

‘“Helpless” Groups’ by Troy A. McKenzie

‘Ethical Issues in Mass Tort Plaintiffs’ Representation: Beyond the Aggregate Settlement Rule’ by Nancy J. Moore

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