Robert Merges, ‘Against Utilitarian Fundamentalism’

I was tempted to pull punches in the title of this piece, but I thought better of it for three reasons. First, the essay I am responding to – ‘Faith-Based IP’ (‘FBIP’) — itself pulls no punches. Second, the title I chose captures what I want to say. Third, I am an inveterate punch puller and thought I would try something different. My overall point is that there are many paths to the truth. Not just one. To privilege one path is bad enough, in my book; it excludes others that may lead to valuable insights. But to choose one path and accuse those on other paths of being exclusionary — that goes too far …

Robert P Merges (2017) Against Utilitarian Fundamentalism, St John’s Law Review: Vol. 90 : No. 3 , Article 8.

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