‘Redefining the American Dream’

Andrea J Boyack, American Dream in Flux: The Endangered Right to Lease a Home, 49 Real Property Trusts and Estates Law Journal 203 (2014), available at SSRN. The ‘American Dream’ referred to by Andrea Boyack, an Associate Professor of Law at Washburn University School of Law, is homeownership. As first year Property students are taught, the dream of homeownership has its hallowed roots in Thomas Jefferson’s conviction that widespread ownership of real property was a predicate for a functioning democracy. ‘The small landowners’, Jefferson wrote, those with ‘a little portion of land’ are ‘the most precious part of a state’. The idea that the government should encourage more people to own ‘a little portion of land’ — first farms and now single family homes — has inspired public policy since the Revolution … (more)

[Tanya Marsh, JOTWELL, 8 March]

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