Property and Constitution – A new and impressive book by André van der Walt

“… In the past months, I have been a visiting scholar at the institute for property law at the Catholic University of Leuven, where I have had the time to investigate differences and similarities between constitutional property law and private-law property law. From the tradition (the Netherlands) I am from, this mainly concerns the effect of Article 1 of the First Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Although we pay considerable attention to the developments in this area, we rarely debate the effects this may have on the private-law property law domain. The only notably exception to this is the case of Pye v. United Kingdom that came before the European Court of Human Rights and finally at the Grand Chamber of that same court, dealing with the conformity of the old English rules of adverse possession with Article 1, first protocol, ECHR …” (more)

[Bram Akkermans, MEPLI Blog, 7 May]

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