Preston Torbert, ‘Contract Drafting: A Socratic Manifesto’

This manifesto is one practitioner’s reaction to the concerns raised by Harry Edwards and the Carnegie Report. In the spirit of the Socratic method, it consists of questions only. The major questions posed are: What is the importance of contract drafting? Why has contract drafting been neglected? How can we see current practices in legal education from the perspective of contract drafting? What are the implications of contract drafting for law schools? What are examples of the language questions that a new doctrine of contract drafting might answer? What other resources are there for developing a doctrine of contract drafting? What is the final question?

Torbert, Preston M., Contract Drafting: A Socratic Manifesto (July 1, 2010). Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, Vol. 14, pp. 93-119, 2011-2012.

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