‘Law of Unjust Enrichment – Current Issues’: Charles Mitchell and Ben McFarlane, Inner Temple Hall, London, 16 May 2016, 17:30

“This three-part seminar will discuss important developments in several areas of the law of unjust enrichment. Part 1 will consider when compound interest can be recovered via a claim for the time value of money payments, and how such claims are valued. It will revisit the House of Lords’ decision in Sempra Metals Ltd v IRC [2008] 1 AC 561 in the light of the Court of Appeal’s decision in Littlewoods Retail Ltd v HMRC [2015] 3 WLR 1748, which concerned a £1.2 billion claim and is currently on its way to the Supreme Court. Part 2 will focus on the practically important questions of when a restitutionary remedy is available against a party with whom the claimant did not deal directly, or in relation to property in which the claimant initially had no interest …” (more)

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