Ketan Modh, ‘Drones and Their Legality in the Context of Privacy’

The unregulated grey area of drones and the collection of data through them, when combined with a lax attitude towards privacy of individuals, raises major concerns. This is exacerbated by the fact that drones can be armed by militaries for deployment across borders. Further, there are major movements in militaries to transfer drone control from remote human pilots to autonomous systems driven by Artificial Intelligence that would depend on the analysis of data collected by drones, to target potential threats to national security. It is easy to imagine such technologies being misused for private interests as well.

This paper seeks to study possible regulatory and legal measures already in place for data collection and analytics in the USA and the EEA, and focus on whether their application to data collected through drones, specifically with regard to data collected by companies and individuals for civilian use.

Modh, Ketan, Drones and Their Legality in the Context of Privacy (November 25, 2015).

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