Jasper Tran, ‘3D-Printed Food’

In recent years, controversies regarding 3D printing have been on the rise, with questions broadly raised over its regulation and intellectual property. Yet, legal scholars have overlooked the legal issues arising specifically from 3D-printed food. This Article fills this gap as the first to look at the issues surrounding 3D-printed food.

The 3D printer will soon be another kitchen appliance. 3D printers can now print food, ranging from ordinary meal to personalized nutrition to edible growth (ie growable food). These new possibilities bring along new challenges as well. Two major issues will soon face 3D-printed food: safety and labeling. This Article explores these two issues in depth.

Tran, Jasper L, 3D-Printed Food (January 1, 2016). 17 Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology (2016) (Symposium).

First posted 2016-01-04 05:53:27

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