‘European Property Law as New Private Law?’

Christian von Bar, Grundfragen europäischen Sachenrechtsverständnisses, 70 JuristenZeitung 845 (2015). Looking at property law from only one particular national perspective – even if that perspective is impressive, as is the case with US law – is, in our globalising world, no longer possible. Markets are integrating, both at a regional and at a worldwide level, and what happens elsewhere, in both economic and legal terms, affects all of us. This is how European Union law, and the laws of the EU Member States, may begin to affect US lawyers (but certainly not them alone) after the agreement on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) enters into force. The creation of one integrated transatlantic market will result in more and more areas where US and EU law will meet and may result in legal conflict … (more)

[Sjef Van Erp, JOTWELL, 12 July]

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