Call for Papers: The Future of the Commercial Contract in Scholarship and Law Reform – European and Comparative Perspectives – Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, 22 September 2016

“Recent years have seen new European EU and academic proposals and legislation in regard of contract law. Examples are CESL, PECL and the DCFR but also the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015. These are either based on a universal notion of contract or deal predominantly with consumer contracts. Is there therefore a need to focus on commercial contracts in research and legislation? Is the current identity based system of merchant and consumer law sustainable? How can commercial contracts be defined? Are they a separate contract type? What should be the role of cross border dealings in this process? Should this outlook be universal or sector specific? This workshop wants to explore comparative positions in scholarship and legal practice, suggest new research agendas and provide a forum for debate of typical issues that might benefit from further attention by scholarship and legal drafting. Papers are invited from scholars with a view to publication in an edited volume within the coming year to present initial ideas either from their own current research or along the following lines of enquiry …” (more)

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