Call for Papers: ‘Intellectual Property in International and European Law’

Utrecht Journal of International and European Law is issuing a Call for Papers for its upcoming Special Issue (82nd edition) on ‘Intellectual Property in International and European Law’ … The Board of Editors invites submissions addressing legal issues relating to intellectual property law from an international or European law perspective. Topics may include, but are not limited to: the influence of patenting on the competitive process; the use of IP holding companies to take advantage of favourable tax regimes; patent-trolls; copyright infringements; trademark protection; the ethics of IP (eg GMOs), etc. All types of manuscripts, from socio-legal to legal-technical to comparative will be considered. However, please note that any analysis solely limited to a national legal system will fall outside the scope of the Journal. An international or European legal dimension is imperative …” (more)

[Marta Requejo, Conflict of Laws. net, 18 June]

First posted 2015-06-18 16:55:58

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