Angelo Chianale, ‘The CISG as a Model Law: A Comparative Law Approach’

In this article I adopt a comparative law approach to illustrate the coexistence of various models governing the sale of goods, and their classification on the basis of two main characteristics: the transfer of property and the opposition certainty/flexibility. I use this approach to analyse the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Then I examine how the CISG influenced several national systems and can influence future attempts at regional harmonisation. I conclude with the reasons that in my opinion make the CISG a good model for the sale of goods (prestige, equilibrium and derogability), and with the desirable future developments.

Chianale, Angelo, The CISG as a Model Law: A Comparative Law Approach (March 1, 2016). Singapore Journal of Legal Studies, p 29, Mar 2016.

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