Ana Ramalho, ‘Section 5: Intellectual Property’

This chapter provides an overview of the intellectual property system in the European Union. The first part of the chapter explores the relationship between intellectual property and EU law. It starts by examining the particular Treaty rules that can either conflict with or accommodate national intellectual property rights. It then follows to analyse the legal basis to regulate intellectual property at the EU level.

The second part of the chapter focuses on the development of the intellectual property acquis. It examines the judicial and legislative actions that aimed at conciliating intellectual property rights with free movement principles and internal market goals.

Ramalho, Ana, Section 5: Intellectual Property (December 1, 2015). F Amtenbrink, D Curtin, B De Witte, PJ Kuijper, A Mcdonnell and S Van Den Bogaert (eds), Law of the European Union (New Edition Kapteyn/Verloren), Kluwer Law International (2016, forthcoming).

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