Adam MacLeod, ‘Property and Practical Reason (Cambridge University Press 2015): Introduction’

This book makes a moral case for private property. Specifically, it argues that institutions of private ownership are justified, and in many communities are required, by a basic moral principle. That principle is equal respect for human beings as agents of practical reason. The principle gives rise to norms that require communities and their members to establish, honor, enforce, specify, and limit rights of exclusive use and disposition. Institutions of mediated dominion (private property ownership in the common law tradition) have significant instrumental value because they enable humans to exercise practical reason in such a way as to bring about desirable states of affairs consistent with the requirements of practical reasonableness, and thus to become practically reasonable people.

MacLeod, Adam, Property and Practical Reason (Cambridge University Press 2015): Introduction (April 30, 2015). Property and Practical Reason, Cambridge University Press, April 2015.

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