‘A Map Through the Punitive Damages Forest’

Yehuda Adar, Touring the Punitive Damages Forest: A Proposed Roadmap, 1 Osservatorio Del Diritto Civile E Commerciale (The Civil and Commericial Law Observer) 275 (2012), available at SSRN. The questions raised by punitive damages are numerous and varied: Should punishment be a part of the civil system? Are punitive damages awards ‘out of control’? Should a punitive damages award be split between the State and the individual plaintiff? Should caps be placed on punitive damages? Indeed, the topic of punitive damages has been examined from competing empirical perspectives, from a comparative law analysis, from a historical angle, and the list goes on and on and on. Enter a new article by Yehuda Adar … (more)

[Sheila Scheuerman, JOTWELL, 19 September]

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