Ying Khai Liew, ‘Birmingham v Renfrew (1937): The Foundations of the Mutual Wills Doctrine’

This paper discusses the facts of Birmingham v Renfrew and the impact of the decision on the development of the mutual wills doctrine in Anglo-Australian law. Much like laying the secure foundations of a building, Birmingham has supplied three central ‘pillars’ upon which the doctrine has gradually been built upon, and upon which the future development of the doctrine can securely be based. The three ‘pillars’ are: the interaction between ‘contract’ and equity, the meaning of ‘contract’, and the rationale of the mutual wills doctrine.

Liew, Ying Khai, Birmingham v Renfrew (1937): The Foundations of the Mutual Wills Doctrine (November 14, 2018). in Brian Sloan (ed), Landmark Cases in Succession Law (Hart Publishing 2019) (forthcoming).

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