Susan Kenny, ‘The Law Commissions: Constitutional Arrangements and the Rule of Law’

This review article considers two publications concerning the Law Commissions created under the Law Commissions Act 1965: Fifty Years of the Law Commissions: The Dynamics of Law Reform, a collection of essays edited by Dyson, Lee and Wilson Stark, and Wilson Stark’s monograph, The Work of the British Law Commissions: Law Reform … Now?. The writers demonstrate how the Commissions’ law reform work has made a unique contribution to the improved operation of the legal system and how they must continue to adapt to changes in the constitutional arrangements within which they discharge their statutory duties. The review article focuses on key issues identified in Wilson Stark’s separate study – codification, project selection and legislative implementation, and the scope of judicial law reform. Attention is also drawn to the need for the Commissions to have effective capacity to discharge their rule of law function by promoting fair, intelligible, accessible and up-to-date law.

Susan Kenny, The Law Commissions: Constitutional Arrangements and the Rule of Law, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Published: 25 June 2019.

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