‘Should Government Compensate Street Gangs for the Loss of “Identity Property?”’

Lua Kamál Yuille, Manufacturing Resilience on the Margins: Street Gangs, Property and Vulnerability Theory, 123 Penn State Law Review 63 (2019). Frank Rudy Cooper reminds us that, ‘We are born unable to protect ourselves, we become feeble with age, we must fear natural disasters, and our social institutions might work against us’. Vulnerability is the inescapable condition of all humankind that compels us to construct various means of mitigating that vulnerability through ‘resilience’. The creation and accumulation of property is one of the ways in which we buffer ourselves against our own fragile natures and the threatening forces of the world around us. In her recent article, Professor Lua Kamál Yuille confronts vulnerability and property-centered modes of resilience in a compelling reframing of the modern street gang as a creator of ‘identity property’ … (more)

[Jamila Jefferson-Jones, JOTWELL, 18 July]

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