Scott Donald, ‘The Pension Trust: Fit For Purpose?’

The law of trusts plays an integral and multi‐faceted role in the regulatory scheme shaping the occupational pensions arena in Australia and the United Kingdom. It facilitates the operation of private law modalities, such as innovation and competition. However, that openness also renders members’ interests vulnerable and the lack of transparency and emaciated accountability mechanisms within trust law undermine the powerful normative force exerted by the language in which trust doctrine is so often couched. That said, the regulatory regimes buttress, and rely upon, the protections offered by trust law. The result is a compelling illustration of the nuanced way in which private law is employed in a modern regulatory state.

M Scott Donald, The Pension Trust: Fit For Purpose?, Modern Law Review. First published: 18 July 2019.

First posted 2019-07-19 10:43:58

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