Paulina Sliwa, ‘The Power of Excuses’

… Here is how the article will proceed. I start by examining two influential accounts of excuses: one recently defended by Jay Wallace, the other tracing back to David Hume. I argue that, while initially promising, both accounts face significant problems. I then develop an alternative, the Good Intention Account, and showcase its advantages. A chief one, I argue, is that it captures the various considerations we appeal to when we make excuses into a unified account. Finally, I take up the relationship between excuses and moral responsibility. Contrary to received wisdom, I argue that excuses do not negate moral responsibility but modify the way in which an agent is morally responsible for her wrong …

Paulina Sliwa, The Power of Excuses, Philosophy and Public Affairs. First published: 1 July 2019.

First posted 2019-07-02 13:45:32

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