Just Published: Comparative Legal History (Research Handbooks in Comparative Law Series) (Moreteau, Masferrer and Modeer eds)

Is comparative legal history an emerging discipline or a much-needed dialogue between two academic subjects? This research handbook presents the field in a uniquely holistic way, and illustrates how comparative law and legal history are inextricably related. Cementing a solid theoretical grounding for the discipline, legal historians and comparatists place this subject at the forefront of legal science. Comprehensive in coverage, this handbook collates theory and method for comparative legal history, as well as discussing international legal sources and judicial and civil institutions. Particular attention is paid to custom and codification, contracts, civil procedure and ownership. By assessing the evolution of law across European, Asian, African and American environments from the pre-modern era to the nineteenth century, the chapters provide stimulating and enlightening cases of legal history through a comparative lens. A centrepiece for this field of scholarship, this research handbook will be an essential resource for scholars interested in comparative law, legal theory and legal history, from both legal and social science backgrounds.

Comparative Legal History (Research Handbooks in Comparative Law Series), edited by Olivier Moreteau, Aniceto Masferrer and Kjell A Modeer. Published 25 January 2019. 520pp. Edward Elgar Publishing. ISBN 1781955212.

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