‘“Good” People, “Bad” Corporations?’

“Behavioral ethics has evidenced that through a combination of deliberate and non-deliberate processes, people may end up behaving unethically with limited awareness of the true ethicality of their behavior (eg, Treviño et al, 2006). One of us has recently completed a book – The Law of Good People (CUP 2018) – that attempts to introduce the area of behavioral ethics to law, focusing on how the law should deal with the ordinary unethicality of ‘good’ people whose behavior in various legal contexts, such as contract performance or hiring an employee, is ethically bounded. The book analyzes and compares the different ways that states can regulate ‘situational wrongdoers’ (as opposed to ‘intentional wrongdoers’) whose intentions are to benefit themselves only to the extent that the regulatory situation allows them to feel good about their actions …” (more)

[Yuval Feldman and Adi Libson, Oxford Business Law Blog, 21 November]

First posted 2018-11-21 07:51:09

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