‘Drone hysteria and the serial privacy invaders of the British Press’

“The news last week was dominated by the ‘Gatwick drones’ with the country’s second busiest airport being closed three times in three days and 140,000 passengers being stranded. On Friday 21 December 2018 a local couple were arrested ‘following a tip off’. Many of the Sunday newspapers on 23 December 2018 fell over themselves to reveal the identity of the couple with many publishing photographs of the couple. The Mail on Sunday had the headline ‘Are these the morons who ruined Christmas?’ while the Sunday Express had ‘Revealed: Gatwick Drone Suspects’. The Sunday Mirror and the Sunday Telegraph also had front page photographs of the couple …” (more)

[Hugh Tomlinson, Inforrm’s Blog, 24 December]

First posted 2018-12-24 13:40:12

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