Call for Papers: Economics and Philosophy in Private Law Theory: 10th MetaLawEcon workshop, Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, 5-6 July 2019

“… Where does this debate about the role of economics and philosophy in private law scholarship stand now and where should it go? This is the main question we shall address in an interdisciplinary workshop at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. More specific issues to discuss include the following: What do, and should, private law theories try to achieve? What are the epistemic and normative virtues private law scholarship should aspire to? What are the explananda of private law theory: case outcomes, judicial behaviour, legal reasoning, doctrines, structures, institutions, ideological constructs? In what respects are economic theories superior to philosophical accounts or vice versa? Is it possible, and desirable to combine or integrate these rival theories, ‘vertically’ or ‘horizontally’? …” (more)

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