New-bilingualism in EU Private Law

“In the past days I have been thinking about the language that we use when we debate questions of European private law. This is, of course, connected to the language that we use in our law schools and in our research. Unfortunately, from my point of view, this is usually the national language only. In the past decade I have been primarily teaching and conducting my research in English. Teaching and researching in English offers particular challenges to non-native speakers because, after all, we use the language of English law to deal with other legal traditions. Much has – of course – been written about this and I do not wish to repeat the already existing points of view; Law, culture and language are strongly connected and hence there is somewhat of a reflection of the legal system in the language it is expressed in …” (more)

[Bram Akkermans, MEPLI, 29 October]

First posted 2013-10-30 07:21:28

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